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Anticipation guide

1. Agree
2. Agree
3. Agree
4. Agree
5. Disagree
6. Agree
7. Agree
8. Agree
9. Agree
10. Disagree
11. Agree
12. Disagree
13. Disagree
14. Agree
15. Disagree

anticipation guide response 2

Society makes a person whatever he becomes:

I agree, because a person is a part of a community where he needs to survive, so he needs to become a part of society by doing what he is told to do (not slavery just following the laws) and fit in. He is also shaped by how he is treated in society, if he is a hobo tramp begging for money so he can go get a pack of cigarettes or alcohol, and then he will be treated with disrespect and hated. On the other hand if he was a working class citizen and did his duties as well as paid his debts and was nice to everyone then he would be respected and would have more friends. If there was a rich business man who owned oil companies and did nothing all day but play in a casino he would only be respected with his kind.

Anticipation guide response 1

Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory, and knowledge:

I agree with this statement with a variety of things. By the perspective of a student I think that play/fun are two major things in a person’s life and lead a person to success if you balance it out with your work. Don’t use too much of one thing because then you will not enjoy life and be successful in life. Enjoying yourself sometimes helps you relax you brain your body so you can store the information you learned and then give space to the new information. For example people who have fame (Angelina Jolie, Megan fox, etc) don’t have a lot of fun because they are chased by paparazzi in public places. So they go into private properties where they will be left in peace, but not necessarily happy. They have all they want but they are alone and spend their time in misery because they can’t have a normal relationship. This does not represent fun. To devour fame and knowledge you need to equally enjoy life.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Araby - Anticipation guide

1. Money equals happiness:
I agree because if there is more money then you will be more relaxed and more unpressured. He will be living in luxury more and a better life which is not as tense. He can almost do anything. He can go study in the best schools, buy and afford anything he likes (house, car, property, etc.) and do more providing for his family.

2. In romance, good looks and personality will outweigh social class and background:
I disagree because religion, ethnicity, and class play a big role. If you are Christian it is highly unlikely to marry a Muslim. As well as if you are rich and educated you wouldn’t marry a poor uneducated person. And last of all if your family is one ethnicity you wouldn’t suddenly marry another ethnicity person.

Thursday, September 16, 2010




Doctor Sasha story

A very long time from now, there was a boy called Sasha. No matter he had everything he was still unhappy. He was a doctor in Moscow and didn’t respect his life and embarrassed from his job it’s ironic how he wasn’t giving gratitude for his life. The young doctor also had a family with a wife and 1 child. He was called Sashkin and was still like a candelabrum most of his time since he was 8 years old. He was sent to a therapist called Gaudy Uhov and was in good hands. Or that’s what he said. That same year Sashkin went missing, probable escape and was not found until next month in a Luna park. His dad was worried and realized that he should be more caring for his family and life. From then on he was grateful of his work and others and lived peacefully in the land of Russia.